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Have questions about getting business capital? Let us answer them!

The maximum financing amount very much depends on your company’s profile, which includes its revenue, cash flow, industry etc. As your company expands, you might want to secure bigger projects which require more cash flow support. However, some companies got rejected by existing financing institution as it hits the maximum limit. It is advisable to spread the risk and establish credit relationships with more financing institutions should there be potential opportunities of growth that requires additional funding. Tapping into our extensive network of banks and financial institutions, we are able to help connect your company to suitable banks and commercial loan products.

The typical turnaround time for loan applications for SMEs is 1 to 2 months. The turnaround time takes this long because you may not be familiar with the documents required and the application process. Thus, you may have to spend more time to have back-and-forth communication with the banker to get the financing application right.

If you’re in a situation where you need funds urgently, we can shorten the turnaround time with our familiarity on the documentations and information banks require.

Imagine this: You got a new large-scale project that require funds urgently, yet, your SME loan application did not go through. You will either have to postpone this project or miss the opportunity. In the meantime, once your application is rejected, you might not be able to resubmit the application within the next 6 months. The most typical reasons why commercial loan applications are rejected are:

  1. Approached the wrong banks which industry seems unfavourable to them
  2. Business owner’s personal credit profile
  3. Limits to financing with existing banks
  4. High gearing, business turnover is declining over the years 

There are a lot of banks and financial institutions in the market providing SME loans, but you are not certain that they are the most competitive. You might not know which bank offers the lowest SME loan interest rate because the products are ever-changing. Your network might not be extensive enough so that you can have access to the various products that are available from all banks. Hence, losing out on the chance to save interest. Therefore, we are here to help you to compare and provide you the most fitting financing deal that is suitable to your business.

There are various loan products available to meet the different requirements of SMEs. The common ones are, Business Term Loan, Trade Financing, Factoring, Equipment Financing, Peer-to-Peer financing and etc. Now, you can cut through the complexity and technical jargons to get the most fitting financing solutions for your business. Through our expertise and experience in securing SME loan, we simplify the process and change the experience of how you can enjoy the benefits of each facilities and empower your business.

There is no definite answer to this because different banks have varying credit criteria and risk appetite. There are so many banks providing SME loan in Malaysia, however, some banks avoid certain industries whereas other banks might welcome these same industries. Most business owners are not aware which banks are more suitable for their business profile and could waste precious time approaching banks that are not the right fit. Aside from the mainstream banks offerings, there are also alternative financing solutions for SME business owners. 

With our familiarity with the credit criteria of these financing institutions, we definitely can help you to identify the most suitable finance solution for your business profile to enhance the chances of getting loan approvals at the best terms.

All banks will refer to report from Credit Bureau Malaysia (CBM) or RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI) to get customers ccris report which is similar to CTOS. But in both the CBM and RAMCI, they have something called Credit Default Scoring Assessment which calculate probability of default. However, the score shown does not determine whether the application will get approved because this is just one of its criteria for loan assessment.